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Romans 1:16 says I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes; first for the Jew, Then for the Gentile

The story behind my facination with the 116 clique is the unity that it brings amongst the bretheren from all over the nation to share in the faith and stand bodly before our King.  The 116 Clique has just began it's ministry and I hope to help the saints in KC catch on fire with this ministry as well.  I believe that this group of young men who started the 116 namely; Lecrea, Trip Lee, Tdot, and many others from Reachlife Ministries are being used by the Holy spirit to spread the gospel to a generation that is far from the father with no one reaching out to them.  That culture these guys are reaching out to is the hip hop culture.  Because of this 116 ministry many young and old have began to come to the love in Christ Jesus.  Not to have fun, but because of the seriousness of the mission and message of these young men who started this ministry.  I want to carry on this ministry in my city and across the world.  Join forces with me as we stand bodly in the Gospel era and preach bodly the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Join Now!!

How to Join?

How to join, first what is the definition of 116 Clique?  Its the crew that ain't afraid to rep His (Jesus) name.  If you represent Christ in every area of life no matter what the cost, then you are part of the 116 Clique! 

So be encouraged in your faith and know you've got the rest of the 116 behind you all over the world, united as brothers and sisters in Christ, dedicated to seeing the Lord made famous everywhere we go in everything we do!

To Join simply click on the link below



Contact a KC rep to find out about meetings and other 116 events!!