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First of all I would like to thank Our Lord and Savior Jesus that he has allowed me to be apart of the body of believers through grace.  It is by faith that I have been saved, faith alone in Jesus the Christ.  You know everyday I have the opportunity to witness to countless people of the faith right here on the internet.  The Gospel is being proclaimed all over the world faster than ever and all glory is due to the father.  This site is simply for me to express my love for the word of God and to help my brothers and sisters in Christ come closer to the Lord Jesus thru my life.  Please feel free to use the resources on my page to enhance your faith.  Yes one of my greatest loves is Christian Rap, but I love all styles of Gospel music and obviously the Lord Jesus has been gracious enough to bless me with many gifts and musical abilities to edify and glorify him.  I love you brothers and sisters just because you are family, and I thank you for coming to my sight to see what the lord is personally doing in my life.  May God give you grace and peace as you continue this race. 

ATTENTION: You can find more of my favorite media including; music, videos, and much more that I listen to and watch on my media page.  Do note that the page is updated regularly so if you see something you like favor it!!

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NOTE: Hey fam if you got a little time hit me up and tell me what you think about the site, ministry, or if you just need to ask a question. Ask what you want, or even if you just want to start up conversation about this ministry or others like it. Feel free!! God Bless

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Here are a couple of the concerts I ministered in back in 2007!!

My Bro. Rare Breed and I Outreach @
Malachi Baptist Church

Achieving Matthew 6!!

At the majority of our up and coming ministry events we will be taking donations, many of which will be taken to the Salvation army.  The other goods will be donated that night to families that are in need of whatever the items are that are donated those nights.  Donations will include; toys, canned goods, clothes, and a portion of the offering taken up will be donated to the salvation army.  God has given us this ministry to help others, and that's what we intend to do!!

This link below will take you to the Salvation Army website